Price Code


~ Black ~

Assam Satrupa the perfect morning tea with a hint of malt gold
Ceylon Kenilworth full bodied with a hint of sweetness premium
Countess Grey bergamot & citrus with orange peels gold
Cream Earl Grey bergamot mellowed with a creamy taste royal
Darjeeling Organic Makaibari second flush with great body & aroma royal
Earl Grey full flavored cup of natural oil of bergamot gold
English Breakfast delicious morning tea; the most British of tea blends premium
Itrish Breakfast rich full flavor; great with milk & sugar  
Kenya Mililma flavorful notes of peach & apricot royal
Lady Bedford's Signature  Blend elegant notes of bergamot, molasses & caramel royal
Lapsang Souchong smoky tea made famous from the caravan routes premium
Organic Orange Pekoe Ceylon classic with light liquor and hints of floral notes-perfect for afternoon tea parties gold
Orange Pekoe Kenilworth light and bright liquor with excellent flowery flavor-a good after dinner tea gold
Scottish Breakfast malty, full bodied character with hint of oak gold

~ Flavored Black ~

Black Currant intense flavor of black currant gold
Blueberry lovely blueberry aroma & flavor; excellent iced gold
Chocolate Cherry Supreme delicious chocolate & cherry blend gold
Chocolate Mint chocolate, mint & a hint of peppercorn gold
Ginger Peach Blossom

Island Mojito
spicy character of ginger & peaches

blend of lemon, lime, coconut & calendula flowers

Ka-Tea pomegranate & blueberry blend gold
Monk's Blend delicious vanilla & grenadine combination gold
Peaches & Flowers peach bits with a hint of sunflower gold

Raspberry Orange Delight
rich raspberry flavor; best with a pinch of sugar

blend of raspberry, orange & ginger

Read My Lips an invigorating blend of vanilla, mint & peppermint gold
Spiced Pear pear bits with cinnamon & spice gold
Summer Citrus a refreshing citrus blend of green & black tea gold
Tibetan "Eye of the Tiger"

Tibetan Tiger
yummy chocolate & almond blend

notes of caramel, chocolate, butterscotch & vanilla

Whispering Heaven lovely blend of natural floral essence royal

~ Chai, Pu-Erh, White & Oolong ~

Chai Americana blended black tea with cinnamon & spice - $2 extra gold
Chelsea Chai blended black tea infused with milk & spices - $2 extra royal
Chocolate Chai spicy chocolate & cinnamon combination - $2 extra gold
Coconut Oolong blend of Oolong Imperiale & shredded coconut gold
Pu-Erh Spice classic  pu-erh with a spicy note gold
Whispering Angel white tea paired with white chocolate royal
White Blue Moon white tipped tea with blueberries & flowers royal

~ Green ~

Ginger Honey a lovely blend of ginger & honey gold
Jasmine with Flowers surprising body with floral character gold
Kyoto Cherry Rose a stunning blend of cherry & rose gold
Strawberry Sundae a creamy blend of strawberries & bananas gold
Summer Chill a Japanese Sencha with notes of coconut royal

~ Rooibos ~

(naturally caffeine free red tea)
Bourbon Street Vanilla fruity with sweet notes of vanilla royal
Cappuccino Cream creamy cappuccino with caramel gold
Caramel Cream caramel bits with cream premium
Lemon Mint refreshing concoction of lemon & spearmint gold
Lime Chiffon lime with a hint of cream gold
Orange orange peels, lemongrass & cornflowers premium
Vanilla Smooth & creamy vanilla flavor gold

~ Decaffeinated ~

Apricot with Flowers apricot infused with marigold flowers royal
English Breakfast full bodied tea flavor; best with milk royal

~ Herbal ~

Honey Bear Mate' a Rooibos/Honeybush with green mate', lemon myrtle, calendula petal and blue cornflowers gold
Madagascar Almond Spice almond, cinnamon, hibiscus & rosehips royal
Spearmint cool fresh taste of spearmint gold
Tranquility organic peppermint & chamomile with rosehips-perfect for bedtime gold

~ Pricing ~

Premium Gold Royal
2 oz - $6
4 oz - $9
2 oz - $8
4 oz - $12
2 oz - $10
4 oz - $16
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