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About Us

As legend has it, the lovely tradition of afternoon tea began with Anna Maria Stanhope, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, who was a lady-in-waiting to Queen Victoria. During the 1800's, lunch was a light meal and dinner was served late in the evening. The long afternoons without food left Lady Bedford with a "sinking" feeling around 4 pm. She began requesting that her maid bring her a cup of tea and a light snack each day. She soon began inviting friends to join her, thus creating a new social event that became an important part of British society that is still enjoyed today.

When Marian Caso decided to bring her love of afternoon tea to the Sandhills, she was welcomed with open arms. Lady Bedford's Tea Parlour & Gift Shoppe, which was located in the heart of the Village of Pinehurst, was a place one could gather with friends for a unique dining experience. "I've loved tea and the ritual of afternoon tea for as long as I can remember," Marian says. "This was my way of sharing my passion. I wanted to create a place where friends could meet and enjoy breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea in an elegant atmosphere of gracious hospitality that will warm the spirit and soothe the soul over a cup of tea." With over 60 varieties of loose leaf tea available, customers are sure to find just their "cup of tea".  

Celebratiang 14 years as of August of 2022!

As of September 12, 2020, we have closed our physical location,
however you can still order your favorite teas
by calling (910) 255-0100 or sending an email to